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~ Current or Ex-Husband, Current or Ex-Wife, Parents, In-Laws, Co-Workers, Siblings, Bosses, Step-Children, etc ~

Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and Dr. Luzette McDonald

Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and Dr. Luzette McDonald designed this dynamic one-day program with gentle compassion and powerful tools, so you can lovingly and reliably be released from emotional bondage to an unhappy relationship, now.

"I was liberated from a painful attachment with my stepdaughter that had plagued me for twenty years." - Sheri Clark, Ph.D.

"Dr. Robert Dee McDonald's creative genius springs from Spirit, bringing empathy, compassion and deep healing." - Cypress Morales, Marriage and Family Therapist

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Release Emotional Attachment to Any Toxic Relationship
  • Resolve Painful Memories With Any Toxic Relationship
  • Stop Co-Dependence
  • Stop Guilt and Shame
  • Resolve Internal Conflicts
  • Open to independence and honesty

When: March 26, 2011 - Saturday • 9:30am to 5pm
Where: Hampton Inn, 11747 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove, CA 92840
Cost: $225 if fully paid by March 1; $250 thereafter.
Super Special : $195 if you're a patient of the Center for New Medicine & pay by 3/1/11.
Register: Call 714-577-5717 or Email:

Written and Presented by Dr. Robert Dee McDonald & Dr. Luzette McDonald:

Creator of The Destination Method®, published author, Director of Mental & Spiritual Wellness at the Center for New Medicine, co-founder of The Telos Healing Center, and Board Member of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Dr. Robert Dee McDonald is a survivor of his father's suicide and the childhood deaths of three siblings. He co-wrote the best-selling NLP text in history: NLP: The New Technology. Robert has created and taught seminars for over 40 years, holds a Doctorate of Divinity, an M.S. in Counseling and Mental Health, and has lectured on the relationship between emotions and illness at several universities in the USA and Europe. Dr. Luzette, co-founder of The Telos Healing Center and survivor of her first husband's suicide, is an ordained minister and Destination Method® Trainer who creates and presents seminars for women in the USA & Europe. All of their work is based on the teleological principle that behind every behavior, thought, and feeling are universally acceptable positive purposes seeking self-expression.

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