Do you ever wonder why you feel so bad?

February 20, 2017


Are you carrying around a secret?

A terrible burden that you can’t share with anyone?

Have you gone from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what’s wrong with you and hit a wall every time?

Are you…

Gaining weight with no real reason?

Waking up every single morning more tired than the last?

Wandering around your house in a mental haze, unable to focus or keep a real train of thought going?

Do you think you’re losing your mind because on the outside you look fine, but inside you KNOW something is wrong?

I’m here to tell you… it could be a thyroid condition.

Sounds crazy right?

But it won’t sound quite so crazy when you hear this statistic;

Over 20 million people are walking around with a thyroid condition right now…

And most of them won’t say anything about it.


Because 60% of them don’t have a clue what’s making them feel so terrible all the time.

That’s the facts.

Chances are that you either have a thyroid condition or know someone who does. It’s that simple.

And up till now, there’s never been a definitive solution to this problem.

My good friend Dr. Izabella Wentz has been there and come to the other side.

For 8 long years she suffered silently while she was mis-diagnosed over and over again.

When she finally recovered she swore she’d never let herself feel that way again, AND she’s made it her mission to help YOU get the relief you deserve.

Her brand new documentary series The Thyroid Secret premieres to the world online on March 1st… 100% Free.

Then for the next 9 days a brand new episode will air every day covering every single topic you could possibly imagine about thyroid health.

You can watch the explosive trailer right here, right now!

To your health,

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD

P.S. When you watch the trailer, be SURE to get registered for the main event on March 1st – seats will go fast once word hits the streets. Reserve yours here.

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