Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Are you confused with all the information flooding the marketplace offering “The Magic Pill” towards health? Tired of yo-yo dieting? Is your kitchen counter beginning to look like a pharmacy with all the medications and supplements?

Through a nutritional evaluation and the cutting edge technology of a phase contrast microscope, Liliana Partida, Certified Nutritionist, can demonstrate the impact your lifestyle has on your health and show you with certainty how to reach optimal health. Liliana Partida is a Certified Nutritionist and Microscopist.

After completing a nutritional assessment, Liliana takes a single drop of blood from your finger and places it onto a slide. A specially designed microscope with a miniature camera attached magnifies your blood onto a video monitor. Immediately, a three-dimensional image of your blood cells fills the screen. You can see with your own eyes whether your blood is healthy and powerful, or tired and weak.

Improper digestion of fats, sugars, starches and proteins are linked to many chronic conditions from which many of us suffer.

The advantage of live blood microscopy is that many disorders can be detected before deficiencies occur. Due to the accuracy of the recommendations, it is amazing how fast the changes impact a person’s health. You no longer have to
guess if the changes you make are working; you can see for yourself on video.

Here’s what’s included with your program:

  • A review of a Personal Health Evaluation Profile
  • A Live Blood Cell Demonstration using a Phase Contrast Microscope
  • Specific dietary and nutritional recommendations to meet your needs and goals

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