Acuphoton Therapy Testimonials

Acuphoton Therapy Testimonials

“I had a skin rash on my hands for three months that was not
only extremely painful, but I was incapable of using my hands and had lost
my job. I had received a couple different diagnoses and had tried several
different treatments without any results.

“Someone suggested AcuPhoton
therapy and within a week of a few treatments my hands were finally on the
road to recovery.  I
can’t express enough my gratitude and relief that I received from
this therapy.”

Wendy S.


Wendy's hands, pre-treatment   Wendy's hands, post-treatment


“I suffered severe damage
to the ligaments in my ankle while playing basketball.  Through continued
applications of the AcuPhoton therapy I was able to speed up recovery and
help get the broken blood vessels and stiff-leather like tissues to loosen
up.  This therapy has also helped
relieve stiffness and chronic pain in my lower back giving injured or
sore areas an energized feeling and increased flexibility.”




Ryan's foot   Ryan's foot


“With a broken arm (humerous) I expected a long healing time.  I
had the opportunity of receiving a new type of  treatment –  AcuPhoton
therapy.  The healing was fast, easy, and enjoyable.  I now have
complete use of my arm after only 7 treatments.  Thank you, Martin.”


Judy S.