Healthy Connections

  • Are You at Risk?: 5 Cancer-Causing Products Women Use Every Day

    Every day, women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies. Some of these chemicals are directly linked to cancer and other chronic diseases. It’s not always easy to tell what caused the symptoms in the first place. With the amount of chemicals in every day products– it’s no wonder that we are exposed to so many carcinogens.

  • The Holiday Survival Guide

    How to Survive the Holiday Season
    With the holidays come events, friends and family. In addition to the holidays come stress, anxiety and even depression. There is a mountain of tasks that come with the end of the year– baking, cooking, planning, scheduling, partying, cleaning… the list goes on and on. Whether the season is a fun and energy-consuming time for you, or if it’s a difficult and uncomfortably elaborate holiday, we want you to make sure that you keep that stress in check. ✓


  • Food is Fuel, Not Therapy

    We eat to live– not the other way around! 

    Try to practice Mindful Eating today. Mindful eating is a technique focuses and hone your attention to one thing: eating! Instead of eating mindlessly, carelessly, and with distraction, you will notice your thoughts, feelings, and proper activation of your senses. 



  • Just Treats, No Tricks!

    Just Treats, No Tricks!

    Ghosts and goblins come out on Halloween night, but perhaps the scariest thing may be the nutrition facts on your candy. While candy in moderation doesn’t bear significant harm, the problem arises when you start to reach for that third chocolate bar– which is when the sugar, saturated fats, and the empty calories start to build a strong case against good judgement.


  • Don’t Let Halloween Special Effects Become After Effects!  

    Don’t Let Halloween Special Effects Become After Effects!

    While using Halloween make-up is an easy way to transform into a monster, you should take a second look at the ingredients to make sure that you don’t permanently look like one. Every year, cheap make-up kits go on sale and every year, people who buy these products are exposed to harmful ingredients that can cause severe skin damage.