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SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR puts the body into an optimized state, as close to homeostasis as possible. When dealing with things like cancer you want your body in it’s important to be in the best fighting shape possible. 

SCENAR speaks the same language as our body’s computer. It’s constantly analyzing our “software” and sending signals every millisecond to bring the body as close to perfect as possible. It’s working in a different way than most modalities because it is working on the informational level of the body. It can not only bring pain relief and healing but also provide energetic support for the immune system, lymphatic system, endocrine system, circulatory system and most critically can control and balance neuropeptides and chemical production of the body. All these little chemicals control all functions and systems of the body. SCENAR is an incredibly powerful tool for overall health. 

The Healing Blanket is a stand alone treatment, which may be helpful in treating chronic conditions.

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