Della Dosky

Ann-Lee-F.N.P.-M.S.N.Della’s compassionate demeanor and empathetic nature steered her into healthcare at a very young age, and only deepened as the years went on. As a senior in high school, she began working as a nurse technician in various hospital departments at a one of the most reputable health systems in Northern Virginia, where she was able to develop an extensive list of clinical expertise over the years.
While studying Biology and Biochemistry at George Mason University, Della’s life took a drastic turn when she was greeted with unforeseen health complications. She was diagnosed with Stage I Cervical Cancer at the young age of 21. Della had seen countless conventional Physicians and Oncologists, all who were adamant in having her undergo conventional cancer treatments and surgery to resolve her diagnosis. However, her intuition led her elsewhere.
During her professional experience on the Oncology unit, Della had witnessed how negatively high dose chemotherapy affected patients’ physical heath along with the collapse of their emotional state, which detoured her from the conventional type of therapies. Although she has always had a very deep admiration for physicians and other medical professionals, her perception of conventional medicine was skewed due to the lack of educational resources her medical team failed to provide her and other patients who shared the same diagnosis.
She was never advised to meet with a nutritionist nor seek the expertise of any alternative treatments, and that’s when she took things into her own hands and began reading and intensely researching alternative cancer treatments and therapies. She read several texts that were intended for medical professionals and applied certain holistic practices and integrative healing techniques to her lifestyle. She had learned the importance of specific diets and nutritional supplements and implemented them in her own self-taught treatment regimen, while continuously educating herself on the endless therapies she could attempt to rid herself and others of this awful dis-ease. After several years of relentless fighting, researching, and learning, she became cancer free!
Although she dealt with a tremendously terrifying health scare, her diagnosis never broke her spirit. In fact- Della considers it a “blessing in disguise,” because even though she was facing a very detrimental point of inadequacy in her health, she never gave up her will to overcome it. Rather than allowing herself to be defeated by her diagnosis, she used it as a wake-up call to better herself and her health. And now- Della is helping others do the same, by coaching patients to take control of their health and adapting their lifestyle to allow them to live at the most optimal level.

Because of all she has learned throughout the years, she has continued to lead a very healthy lifestyle that incorporates a very well-rounded nutritional diet, in addition to natural supplements and vitamins while leading a very active lifestyle. Simply put- she practices what she preaches. In addition to her professional experience in medicine, and her personal experience on both sides of the medical spectrum, (being the patient vs. being the caregiver), she understands how the patient who is given this diagnosis may feel, but she also understands how to motivate, and encourage patients to help their morale and strengthen their fight against such an intimidating prognosis/diagnosis, while helping to educate them on all the treatment options and therapies that may be available to them.

Della regularly attends seminars and conferences, while consistently submerging herself into readings and research studies on many aspects of Holistic Medicine. She attended the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine in Washington D.C., and obtained certifications in both Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching. She is also a certified personal trainer educated in prevention of muscle atrophy and cancer therapeutic exercise. She educates her patients on the importance of exercise, paired with proper nutrition, and how it is the strongest tool of prevention in the deterioration and rebuilding of optimal health.

She’s well versed in various aspects of clinical laboratory, specifically Endocrine and Biochemical lab testing, various natural and holistic therapies which include: Detoxification and Pathology of Disease, Quantum Human Science, Iridology, Homeopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques such as: Acupressure, Meridian Connection and Energy Medicine.