Don’t Let Halloween Special Effects Become After Effects!  

Don’t Let Halloween Special Effects Become After Effects!

While using Halloween make-up is an easy way to transform into a monster, you should take a second look at the ingredients to make sure that you don’t permanently look like one. Every year, cheap make-up kits go on sale and every year, people who buy these products are exposed to harmful ingredients that can cause severe skin damage.

In 2009, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners tested kids’ make-up and found at least one heavy metal in most products. In more than half of the Halloween make-up tested, researchers found at least one ingredient or contaminant linked to hormone disruption, developmental toxicity, learning difficulties or cancer. Lead, which can lead to brain damage, was found in 20% of face paints. Cadmium, a chemical linked to breast, kidney, lung and prostate cancer, were detected in 30% of face paints. The list of toxic substances goes on: Arsenic, Chromium, Mercury, Formaldehyde… Scientists found that paints with darker pigments contained higher toxin concentrations.

Before buying costume cosmetics, do your research this Halloween. Find products and brands that are formulated to be safe for your skin and your children’s. Always apply the golden rule: Do a patch test—not just for the month of October, but yearlong because everyday cosmetics and beauty products may also contain toxic components.

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