Dr. Duc Le

Dr. Duc Le, graduated from University of VA with a Bachelor of Science in Field Biology. During his last year of college, went on academic scholarship to China, to study acupuncture at the Nanjing University of TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He went on to obtain his medical degree from SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn, NY. He initially worked as an urgent care and aeromedical evacuation MD in Vietnam. He board certified in Internal medicine and practiced hospital medicine for 10+ years, most recently at Sharp Hospital in San Diego where he attends critically ill patients. After studying Functional Medicine and Neuro Linguistic Programming he relishes root cause analysis, to create permanent changes in people’s lives. He aims to optimize your daily energy levels, focus all day, and how effortless your days flow.

In his spare time, he enjoys researching optimal states of human performance and living, running Tough Mudder Warrior Dash races, and fully embraces this quote: “When I take responsibility for everything in my life, I have the power to change everything.”