Food is Fuel, Not Therapy

November 05, 2018

We eat to live– not the other way around! 

Try to practice Mindful Eating today. Mindful eating is a technique focuses and hone your attention to one thing: eating! Instead of eating mindlessly, carelessly, and with distraction, you will notice your thoughts, feelings, and proper activation of your senses. 



By practicing mindful eating, you can reap the following benefits:  

  • Prevent binging & excess eating 
  • Manage weight 
  • Enhance enjoyment of food 
  • Absorb nutrients better 
  • Prevent chronic illnesses 
  • And so much more! 


Several studies, including this one from Harvard, shows a connection between the mind and the gut. When someone eats too quickly, the brain cannot fully register how full you are. Even nutrition services team from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute encourage their cancer patients to practice the technique so that “survivors of head and neck cancer [can] meditate on food as they’re making the occasionally difficult transition from a feeding tube back to eating again.” 

If you need a refresher or if you want to learn for the first time, keep reading for an easy 3-step guide! 

1. Eat without distractions 

Put away that phone! Step away from the computer! By eating without distraction, your brain will better process how much you are putting into your body, and remedy erratic eating habits. Multi-tasking only encourages over eating.  

2. Take it slow  

SLOW DOWN! Don’t gobble your food at lightning speeds! Practice taking smaller bites and really appreciate the time you set aside for this meal. Many people recommend using chopsticks to eat, as forks can scoop big portions, but chopsticks restrict how much you can pick up.

3. Enjoy!

Enjoying your food is the most important step. Take note of how your plate looks, what color your meal is, and the texture of it inside your mouth. Food nourishes your body and gives you energy to live. Thank the person who prepared your food. It’s important to express gratitude! 


Mindful eating can improve your digestion and stomach health. To take your eating habits to the next healthy step, we recommend that you look into choosing better meals with optimal nutrients.   

Our certified nutritionist, Liliana Partida, CN, offers nutritional therapies & evaluations to help you form the healthiest lifestyle possible, personalized for you! She approaches each day with the intention to create success within herself and others. Her programs are based on clinical research and a lifetime of experience. To schedule an appointment with Liliana, call us at (949) 680-1880. 

About the Author
Our “New Medicine” – sometimes called holistic, complementary or integrative medicine — combines the best of modern science with natural healing traditions that have been proven effective.