How to Heal & Reverse Cancer Naturally with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

This is THE podcast if you or a loved one you know has Cancer! 1 in 2 men will have cancer and over 40% of women, so you have to equip yourself with knowledge on how to treat cancer naturally. It’s reversible, treatable and you can get your life back, as Dr. Connealy shares with us. Listen to this podcast to find out what causes cancer so you can begin healing the body as a whole!

Here are the key insights waiting for you on this podcast:

1. Illness as a gift-how it can open a whole new World
2. The 6 cancer revolution strategies to reverse cancer
3. Science of food is critical to healing
4. Alive vs dead food and the types of food critical for healing
5. What is wrong with cereal for breakfast and other “no no” foods
6. Importance of meal planning and obvious rules for meals
7. The only way to eat yogurt
8. The ideal breakfast recipe
9. Importance of nutritionist, health coach, integrative and functional medicine doctor
10. Frankenfoods and the most allergenic foods to remove
11. The best test Dr C recommends for food sensitivity and allergy testing
12. Ketogenic way of eating and preserving mitochondria
13. What should your plate look like for fat, carbs and protein
14. Importance of removing toxins and how to do it right,
– sleep on organic sheets washed with non toxic laundry detergent
-turn off all electricity in bedroom
– first thing in the morning drink 10 ounces of organic green juice with 10 ounces of filtered water
– use non toxic toothpaste to soap to lotion
– infrared sauna and detox baths along with skin brushing
– Liver cleanse and detox bath recipes
– Coffee enemas and 21 day purification program
15. The right supplements based on testing to find which nutrients you need
– most are deficient in Vitamin D and Omega 3s are critical too for almost everyone
– The two tests she recommends for testing vitamin deficiencies
16. Sitting is the new smoking and lack of oxygen creates the environment for cancer. Movement and exercise is critical for all bodily functions.
– if you work on a computer, move every hour on the hour for a few moments
– other specific techniques to bring movement into your life
17. Stress from not connecting with other human beings
– lack of hugs and talks creates isolation
– constant negative news which indirectly affects us
– lack of love harmony peace in the environment
18. Her top recommendation for Meditation and meditation apps she loves
19. Simple decision to change your health: love yourself and love others, get into an attitude of gratitude, make new friends
20. The problem with lack of sleep and how melatonin plays a part in health and weight. Problem with using medications for sleep.
21. Importance of knowing about electrosmog and how to eliminate it
22. 14 day plan details including oil pulling, green juice, coffee enemas, exercise and meditation, and food specifications
23. Challenge with surgery for cancer and how they do treatments differently
– what is going on with the biochemistry of the body
– every single thing they do lifts the energy up and has no side effects
– PMF, specialty IVs, emotional healing, hyperbaric oxyyen and other such therapies
24. The #1 SECRET to healing, don’t miss this FREE thing that may accelerate your healing!!
25. What is one mandatory advice for all those diagnosed with cancer?