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Hyperthermia Therapy

What is i-Wave used for?

  • Soft tissue injury healing

  • Cancer

  • Elimination of viruses and bacteria

  • And much more

An image of a blue body with many pixels depicting a body scan

What is I-Wave?

I-Wave is a thermowave system that uses ultra-high radiofrequency to penetrate

biological tissues and act on the smallest parts of the body, the cells. The ultra-

low frequency of the main beam allows hyper-vascularization penetration

through epidermal layer and into the cells. The purpose of this technology is to

deliver high concentrations of heat to cancer cells, without harming the patient.

The ultra-low frequency (modulation) induces stimuli on cell membrane permeability and polarity. The thermal and non-thermal effects play an important role in oncology. One important note is that the depth of heat penetration is dependent on the nature of the biological tissues/bones present in the field of the applicator.

Schedule an appointment with your physician today if you are interested in trying the I-Wave device.


Benefits of using Hyperthermia to Treat Disease:

Hyperthermia pertains to a process in which the body temperature of an individual is greatly above normal. Often times, high body temperature is associated with illnesses like fever or heat stroke; however, hyperthermia can also be used as a form of heat treatment.

Benefits of using Hyperthermia to Treat Cancer:

When cells are exposed to high temperature conditions, change occurs within the cells. Proteins can denature and genetic mutations can occur, which can ultimately lead to cell death. However, if treatments that elicit these effects are targeted towards cancer cells, then cancer cell death can occur.

Very high temperatures can kill cancer cells; therefore, specialized hyperthermia treatment targeting these cancer cells can be extremely effective in eliminating those bad cells.

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