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Martin Bales, LAC

Licensed Acupuncturist Board Certified Thermologist


Acupuncture, Proton Therapy,  Pain Management


University of Virginia 

Martin grew up working with his father, Maurice Bales, at Bales Scientific, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of medical devices. Maurice’s first two machines were infrared cameras — the same model that Martin uses in his practice today. His father’s second invention and popular medical device was the Photonic Stimulator — the machine used for photon therapy.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Virginia, Martin returned to work with his father for a few years, this time helping to both engineer the machines and train doctors how to use them. Martin decided he liked working with patients more than engineering project management, so he decided to return to school to study Traditional Chinese Medicine — acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and other modalities.

Over the course of Pacific College’s 4-year master’s program, Martin studied the effects of photon therapy in combination with acupuncture for pain management. He was very impressed with the results and now offers this innovative combination therapy at the Center for New Medicine.

Dr. Bales has worked extensively with cancer patients, starting with a 1 year internship on the Oncology floor of Rady Children’s hospital in San Diego. At Center For New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing, Dr. Bales runs the Photon, Class IV Laser, PEMF, and Acupuncture therapies for Cancer patients. These therapies provide both primary and adjunctive-focused treatments to address increasing bioavailabity of Hyperbaric Oxygen and IV therapies and providing non-invasive pain management when needed.

A Personal Message From Dr. Bales

Martin Bales, LAC



Photon Therapy



PMF - Pules Electromagnetic Field





A photo of Martin Bales
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