Mental & Spiritual Wellness: The Destination® Method

Mental & Spiritual Wellness: The Destination® Method



The Destination® Method provides you with tools you can use immediately to improve your life. Instead of spending months or years in a counselor’s office, this method allows you to learn effective skills to help you accomplish your goals in a relatively short amount of time.

Our mission is to heal and be healed — to create wholeness physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and our purpose is to help create heaven on earth. In other words, we intend to heal the heart of the world through the integration of tender compassion and effective technology: The marriage of the Heart and the Sword.

In order to achieve our Telos (the ultimate goal of all goals), we use and teach The Destination® Method. This comprehensive and compassionate interpersonal activity, guided by a developmental model, uses various Telos Tools, including The Levels of the Creation (spiritual), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (mental) and Body Coaching (physical) to resolve unnecessary human suffering.

People see us to improve their careers and for personal change work. In other words, they want to grow and achieve their dreams. Oftentimes they cannot get what they want because their inner maps are impoverished. On some level they are stuck — none of their current skills help to achieve their outcomes, and they cannot find another way. We use ethically grounded processes to identify and enrich a person’s mental representations so that he or she can grow, change and achieve. We are like taxi-drivers who intelligently and empathically use their skills to take people from where they are to where they want to go. Keeping measurable information in mind, we acknowledge each person’s innocence, pain and search for meaning and specifically help develop greater authenticity, humility, mercy, forgiveness, grace, wisdom and love.

Essentially, we integrate a merciful attitude and a developmental model with extraordinarily effective Telos Tools: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual methods. At the deepest level, we are convinced of universal innocence: All beings are fundamentally innocent irrespective of their behavior.