Are You at Risk?: 5 Cancer-Causing Products Women Use Every Day

December 18, 2018

Every day, women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies. Some of these chemicals are directly linked to cancer and other chronic diseases. It’s not always easy to tell what caused the symptoms in the first place. With the amount of chemicals in every day products– it’s no wonder that we are exposed to so many carcinogens.

Symptoms are evidence of diseases occurring when the body is overwhelmed with toxins and cannot eliminate them.

Below are household items and the most worrying chemicals you should look out for, that may be linked to causing cancers.

Can cause irritation & eye damage

Average number of chemicals: 15
Culprits: Sodium lauryl sulphate, tetrasodium, propylene glycol
Side effects: Irritation & eye damage

Can cause infertility, hormonal disruptions, organ damage

Eye shadow
Chemicals: 26
Culprits: Polythylene terephthalate
Side effects: Infertility, hormonal disruptions, organ damage

Can cause severe allergic reactions

Chemicals: 33
Culprits: Polymenthyl methacrylate
Side effects: Severe allergic reactions

Can cause allergies, eye, nose and throat irritation, changes in cell structure

Chemicals: 11
Culprits: Octinoxate
Side effects: Allergies, eye, nose and throat irritation, changes in cell structure

Can cause rashes, irritation, hormonal disruption

Body Lotion
Chemicals: 32
Culprits: Methylparaben, Propylparaben
Side effects: Rashes, irritation, hormonal disruption

As we live in a sea of toxins, it’s not a surprise to discover that cancer is the #1 killer of people. In the year 1900, 1 person out of 100 developed the risk of cancer. Today, we have reached 1 person out of 3 and very soon– we will be 1 out of every 2.

1,647 die from cancer every day or 601,000 cases in the United States alone. There are 14 million new cases per year. Cancer accounts for 8.2 million deaths every year (12% of deaths)

At Center for New Medicine, we have advanced and cutting-edge technology that can help you test for cancer at an earlier stage than conventional methods.

BioImmune Survey can determine what toxins are stressing the body and rapidly improve healing. It provides a completely non-invasive test done on the hands and feet for gaining valuable information about the body’s vital functions. It can answer many questions as to what could be causing an imbalance of the body’s system and organ performance.

Comprehensive Bloodwork can detect early and advanced stages of cancer, picking up proteins and/or other substances produced by the cancer in your blood.

Thermography is an alternative to mammograms that measures infrared heat from the body. It can detect 86% of non-palpable breast cancers and a pathologic state of the breast up to ten years before a cancerous tumor can be found.

Cancer Profile Blood Test checks levels of…
HCG – Markers of malignancy
PHI – PHI is the enzyme that channels cells into anaerobic metabolism, or fermentation
CEA – CEA is a broad spectrum cancer marker
GGTP – GGTP is the most sensitive test for the liver
TSH – TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone regulates metabolic rate
DHEA-S – DHEA-S is the adrenal anti-stress, pro immunity, longevity hormone

To learn more about early detection methods or schedule an appointment, call us at (949) 680-1880.

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