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Nutraceutical Therapy

At Center For New Medicine we provide our patients with a comprehensive Home Care Empowerment Plan that utilizes nutraceuticals. The personalized Home Care Empowerment Plan is designed to help support your immune system between the initial and any subsequent treatments for our patients’ continued recovery.

All patients will meet with their attending physician (in-person, via-skype, or via-phone) to discuss the details of their Home Care Empowerment Plan treatment, as well as subsequent treatment at Center For New Medicine. During treatment at the clinic, we will give our patients the tools to properly continue a healthy lifestyle and successfully follow their personalized at-home treatment regimen. This is a cost-effective method for our patients to continue therapy for an extended period of time.

Five wooden soons with various homepathic medicines on each one

In almost every case, our medical staff has observed that patients who make a real commitment to the program achieve the best results. All the Nutraceuticals offered at Center For New Medicine are pharmacy grade supplements that are GMP Certified from FDA Approved facilities.

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