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Liliana Partida - Creating a Healthier Relationship w/Sugar

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

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In this episode of the Be Perfectly Healthy Podcast, we sit down with Center for New Medicine’s Certified Nutritionist, Liliana Partida to discuss all things sugar. We discuss: what sugar does to the body when we eat it, the different types of natural sugar and processed sugar, how we can begin to create healthier habits around sugar consumption, how she helps patients work through sugar withdrawal symptoms, how we can still indulge in delicious foods and treats without causing harm to the body and some of her favorite supplements and products related to sugar control. Be sure to check the full show notes below for links to all products and resources mentioned!

“My intention as a nutritionist is to meet the patient where they are at and what they are willing to do in regards to creating a more functional lifestyle for them. And of course, this is going to address everything, what they put in their mouth, how they love, how they exercise, how they sleep...." - Liliana Partida, CN

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