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Dr. Brittany Ptak & Kashif Khan - New DNA Testing at the CFNM with The DNA Company

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Dr. Brittany Ptak hosts her first episode of the Be Perfectly Healthy Podcast with guest Kashif Khan, CEO of The DNA Company. In this episode the two discuss why our DNA does not dictate our final health outcomes, but how DNA testing can be appropriately harnessed to help us make empowered health and lifestyle decisions. Kashif explains how the DNA Company test looks at 85 different genes that affect sleep, immune system, diet, exercise, detoxification and more.

This simple saliva test is now offered by the Center for New Medicine and we are ecstatic for our patients to be able to utilize the information from this simple DNA test. See information below to order your test today, no doctor's order is necessary!

To learn more, order your DNA test, and receive your 360 report see below.

  1. Click 'Scan Your DNA' then click 'Get Optimized'

  2. Order your test from here and the DNA Company will mail you everything you need.

  3. Once you receive your results, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ptak to review your results and more in-depth receive clinical recommendations.

Where to Find Brittany Ptak, ND

Where to Find Host, Leigh Ann Lindsey

Center for New Medicine Information

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Totally got into this episode. Have never done testing like this however the DNA company's focus on health really got my attention. I ordered the test and am awaiting my results! Thank you for bringing this company into my world!

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