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Meredith Kelly Oke - Why Light Is Critical for Health & How to Optimize Your Light Environment

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Host Leigh Ann and guest Meredith Oke discuss the health benefits of natural sunlight and why exposing the body to natural light is critical for health. Meredith provides tangible tips for getting more natural sunlight as well as how to optimize our light environment at work and in the home.

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Where to Find Host, Leigh Ann Lindsey

Center for New Medicine Information

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Theo Hernandez
Theo Hernandez
02 oct 2023

Well, it's a very good topic, because I think we've been getting too little light lately, and vitamin D is very important. In general, I try to go out in the sun as often as possible to get enough of this vitamin, but we shouldn't forget about the climate in which we live, it also plays an important role. I immediately thought of the climate control images in my uncle's house, who couldn't fix the system, and how it was always in a mess, either too cold or too hot, and this all affects the body. The rest was resolved and he had no further problems, but as for the sun, my advice is to spend as much time as…

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