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Essential Immune Boosters

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

As counties, cities, restaurants, and more begin to open up, we wanted to check back in with you all on best practices regarding illness prevention, core supplements, and modalities we offer here at the Center for New Medicine.

At its root, illness prevention depends on the strength of our immune system. Scientific literature has provided us with a multitude of methods to encourage optimal immune function. We briefly address several of these factors below.


Every piece of food or sip of beverage that you put in your mouth is either helping your cells or hurting your cells. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) contains an abundance of ingredients that harm our cells. Synthetic preservatives, food dyes, & flavors all add to the toxic stress in our body. One of the key offenders, however, is sugar. Excessive sugar, regardless of the form it comes in, inhibits immune function significantly. And yes, this includes the sugars from fruits and juices.

Now we aren't saying don’t eat a piece of fruit for the next three months, however, take an objective look at how much sugar you are consuming on a daily basis. Consider cutting out all or most of your refined sugar consumption for the next few weeks and look for lower sugar fruits like berries and Granny Smith green apples.

Sunshine & Fresh Air

Sun exposure boosts vitamin D production and stimulates the production & movement of our fighter T-cells. General recommendations suggest at least 20 minutes of sun exposure a day, preferably before 10:00 AM or after 3:00 PM to avoid the harshest hours of sunlight.


Exercise boosts white blood cell activity allowing them to detect harmful bacteria and viruses faster. Along with this, the rise in temperature that occurs during exercise has the potential to kill off harmful invaders. Furthermore, exercise can help reduce stress hormones and inflammation that may inhibit the immune response. During times like these, daily exercise is exponentially important. This can include a 30-minute walk, bike ride, jog, at-home yoga class, etc.


Ideally, we’d like to consume all of our essential vitamins, minerals, and oils through our food consumption. However, the reality is that most of us do not consume enough variety to truly cover all of our nutritional bases. Even our doctors and nurses take supplements daily to keep their bodies functioning at peak performance. Below are a few supplements to help keep the immune system fully armed against any harmful invaders:

Immune Boosting Modalities at Center for New Medicine

  • Vitamin C IV

  • Infrared sauna

  • Lymphatic drainage massage

  • Nutritional coaching

  • Vitamin & mineral blood panels to check for deficiencies

  • In-person or virtual consultations

While we are committed to providing a safe environment for our patients to interact with, we realize that some might not be comfortable coming to the office at this time. We offer Tele-Health consultations to accommodate your needs. Please call (949) 680-1880 to book your Tele-Health or in-person appointment.

Learn more about the extra precautions we are taking among staff and throughout our facilities during this time by clicking here.

As always, we are committed to partnering with you to educate, empower, and enable you to live your healthiest life possible.

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