Nearly all Americans have been affected by the epidemic of degenerative diseases sweeping the nation. Conventional medicine is outstanding at treating trauma, like emergencies and broken bones. But other than temporarily masking symptoms, it has little to offer patients dealing with Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Lyme disease and a host of other chronic ailments afflicting so many people. Even worse, the drugs used to hide symptoms have side effects that can make the situation even worse. Many are unable to figure out with their typical Practitioner where exactly their symptoms stem from.

For this reason, Center For New Medicine shies away from the toxic aspects of conventional medicine, using drugs and surgery only when such intervention is really necessary. Instead, we focus on therapies that support the body’s innate defenses and healing mechanisms. We call it Integrative Medicine. We first determine the root cause of the illness, and then we work with you as a team to combat the illness, while changing your lifestyle so you can achieve success.

Our “New Medicine” – sometimes called homeopathic, natural, complementary, or integrative medicine — combines the best of modern science with natural healing traditions that have been proven effective. Our clinic contains some of the world’s most technologically advanced medical equipment, devices normally only found at select university research hospitals. Our “prescriptions” routinely feature customized dietary and lifestyle recommendations, natural nutritional supplements and other complementary therapies that produce lifelong benefits.

We treat each patient individually with many powerful protocols at the Center For New Medicine, while taking a multi-disciplined approach with amazing technological tools — but the key to healing is a connected relationship between doctor and patient. Every patient is an original at our clinic. We work together with you to make the right changes to prevent or reverse your symptoms. If what you read here resonates with you, we invite you to join the more than 20,000 patients who have entrusted their health to us since 1992. Call us at (949) 680-1880 or email us at