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Patricia (Trish) Flannery, FNP


Cancer care, chronic health conditions and human optimization


17 years as Registered Nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital Trauma Center in Chicago


Patricia (Trish) Flannery, FNP, holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing and a master's degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner.


Having worked as a registered nurse for seventeen years at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago (one of the largest trauma centers in the country), she saw firsthand the health consequences of poor diet and lifestyle among patients and the temporary solution modern medicine had to offer. During her clinical rotations, she learned about integrative medicine and its many advantages in determining the origin of the illness. This was a turning point since her experience only included acute care or emergency room medicine.


Since her time as a trauma nurse, she has become a strong advocate of combining conventional medicine with homeopathic, eastern, and the new modern medicine focusing on early detection, proper testing, and prevention of disease and cancer (a whole-body approach to medicine). Trish holds post-graduate training in functional endocrinology, blood chemistry, brain chemistry, and thyroid dysfunction and is certified in photodynamic Endolaser and (FCBRM) Fractionated Chemotherapy plus biological response modifier treatments.


In the past months, Trish has been working alongside Dr. Connealy and the Practitioners at the Center for New Medicine & Cancer Center for Healing where she is passionate about assisting patients with cancer care, chronic health conditions, and human optimization.


When Trish is not treating patients, you can find her at the beach, jogging or playing sand volleyball. She is the mother of three children and enjoys her pet dog, Bruno.

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